Honshū Rice Terrace

Disco86 has built a unique bit of medieval history here. This scene depicts how the Japanse began to build rice terraces on the northern mountains of Honshū in order to cultivate rice there. The build is very striking. I can set aside my normal disgust for borders on this one because the flowing lines of the terraces are nicely accentuated by the rigidness of the border. The brightness of the blue also contrasts nicely with the black of the border and is complemented by the green vegetation. All that makes for a build that is really nice to look at.

Honshū Rice Terrace

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  1. Josh Post author

    @JW – No, I meant ‘compliment’. If you listen real carefully you can hear the vegetation complimenting the water on its beauty. ;)

    Yeah, I wrote this in the wee hours of the morning and my mind was not fully engaged. Fixing it now.

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