Elsa’s Ice Castle from Disney’s Frozen in LEGO

Last year, Disney unleashed Frozen upon us, and since then, everyone has heard “Let it Go” in one way or another. Every parent has heard the soundtrack, and probably has contemplated hiding it.

Simon MacDonald (SIMAFOL) has gone one step further, creating a minifigure-scale version of Princess Elsa’s castle.

Full Castle



Built over 40 hours spanning a month and a half, Simon was inspired in the best way. The entire castle was inspired by a table-scrap build, which looked like it had potential to become the stairway to the castle. The rest followed.

A Magic User

“I used some build techniques that I had never attempted before…there’s a lovely giant snowflake mosaic on the base floor and all the attachments for the second story don’t connect,” Simon said. “Castle building isn’t even my forte.” The mosaic on the floor is done with no studs facing up, using cheese wedges to create the snowflake pattern. The castle itself was built modular, and many of the portions rely on gravity alone.

Floor Fountain

The castle features many of your favorite characters, including the Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Hans, and everyone’s favorite guardian snow monster.

A Human and a Reindeer

I think I’m more impressed that Simon relied on source photos–and has only seen the movie once.

You can check out more pictures here or here.