Lego Ideas announces two new sets: Birds and The Big Bang Theory

Although I do like the Ecto-1 set and am happy for fellow Brickish member Peter Reid, whose exo-suit got turned into a set, I never cared much about Lego Ideas. However, today LEGO announced the next two ideas that are to be turned into sets and I like both of them.

The first idea is the brainchild of Thomas Poulsom, who by coincidence is also a Brickish member. It is the fantastic Lego birds project.

Lego Bird project

The set will undoubtedly be a bit different from the submission, but I’m sure the birds will be cute and I can imagine a lot of people finding inspiration in the set to build their own birds. What is not to love?

The second is The Big Bang Theory, by Alatariel and GlenBricker.

Lego Big Bang theory

As some of you may know, I have a PhD in physics and when this show first aired the then-girlfriend/ current wife of one of my friends remarked how much Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard reminded her of her boyfriend and his circle of friends, including yours truly. We never had the same superhero fetish as the characters in the show and, of course, she is far smarter than Penny, but I cannot deny the similarities. Somewhat worryingly, though, in The Big Bang theory it’s Sheldon who builds with LEGO, referring to his Lego Death Star in a number of episodes. In any case, the submitted model has all the characters and lots of details of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment and I’d be surprised if the final set won’t include all of the characters as minifigs. Somehow I picture Sheldon’s as wearing a green T-shirt with a classic space logo.

8 comments on “Lego Ideas announces two new sets: Birds and The Big Bang Theory

  1. worker201

    Those birds look great. Definitely looking forward to that line.

    Not interested in TBBT at all. Unless the set has an unbelievable parts selection.

  2. Ralph Post author

    I think that the birds will make for a more interesting set, but I do quite like The Big Bang Theory show, so that set does interest me.

  3. Carl

    The birds set could be nice. But I have no idea what the Big Bang set has going for it. The programme is neither funny nor even watchable and the set looks like it will be as challenging a construction as one of the little Christmas freebies. No idea how that got voted in, let alone okayed by the Lego Group.

  4. BrickMonkey

    Not really interested in either of these. The birds project is okay but TBBT is a bizarre choice. I’m much more interested in the Hubble and Wall-E from the next line-up.

  5. Mnemonyx

    It may not be to everyone’s taste, but TBBT is a phenomenally successful program with a large following with a large intersection with LEGO’s fan base. I don’t doubt for a moment that they’ll sell them by the truckload.

  6. Carl

    The Big Bang Theory just has no use as a Lego set. It’s mainly going to be minifigs (probably only one or two unique parts) and a very basic floor plan that you could build with spares.

    There’s no building challenge to it. It’s far too basic. And yet they turned down some potentially cracking builds. The Back To The Future train would have been a good, interesting build. This would be over in minutes. It’s just a nondescript living room with nondescript minifigs. Boring. Even for fans of the show, I’m sure.

    I know I’m harping on. But it’s irritating when you consider some of the sets that gained 10,000 votes but were turned down by Lego.

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