Friday Night Fights – Devil in the architecture Details

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another round of Friday Night Fights. Tonight we’re going to go straight into the details! Sometimes it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and build big and boring, the key is layer in the details while building big. Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

In the tan corner we have Nick Barrett with this lovely Georgian Town House:

(check out the full build here, with a full interior).

In the dark tan corner we have Acticis with this lovely detached house:
Detached House
(Check out the full build here).

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding, by way of comment, which of these beautiful builds will win the battle. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Modded Model Cars, Massimiliano narrowly won 10-9 with his Classic Space Mini Cooper. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

11 comments on “Friday Night Fights – Devil in the architecture Details

  1. augen

    +1 for the Georgian Town House. The attention to detail and use of scale to implement said detail is excellent.

  2. David Roberts

    It has to Nick’s Georgian house. Not only does it have a great exterior, but it is packed inside with well designed, fun and playable features. Inthe Lego building den, in the loft, is a mini model of the house.

  3. DagsBricks

    Based solely on the images put forth to us, I go Georgian all the way. The detached 70’s house does not have any comparable level of detail, nor am I impressed with a walkway and driveway that are below the level of the garden around.

  4. Mnemonyx

    I’m not so worried about the driveway and path being below the level of the surrounding garden on the detached house, but the gaps in the roof rule it out for me.
    The Georgian house, though, is a winner in its own right.

  5. LukeClarenceVan

    Acticis made a fantastic house, but Nick’s goes to 11. Votes, that is. The interior won me over.

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