Guess These 10 Famous Movie Characters in LEGO

Flickr user SuckMyBrick has created these wonderful brick versions of characters from 10 classic movies. Can you guess all 10? Post your guesses in the comments!

Movie Quiz -Movie 10

Movie Quiz -Movie 9  Movie Quiz -Movie 8  Movie Quiz -Movie 7
Movie Quiz -Movie 6  Movie Quiz -Movie 5  Movie Quiz -Movie 4
Movie Quiz -Movie 3  Movie Quiz -Movie 2  Movie Quiz -Movie 1

4 comments on “Guess These 10 Famous Movie Characters in LEGO

  1. Adam

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Die Hard ??????? Braveheart

    Annie Texas Chainsaw Massacre Planes, Trains & Automobiles

    Sound of Music ????????? Dumb & Dumber

  2. superdave

    Max and Karol from “Where the Wild Things Are”
    Rambo? Die Hard?
    William Wallace, “Braveheart”
    Annie, “Little Orphan Annie”
    John Candy & Steve Martin, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”
    Portman & Reno, “The Professional”
    “Dumb & Dumber”

  3. Brian Heins

    Carol & Max,
    Jon McClane, Wart & Madam Mim, William Wallace,
    Sandy & Annie, Leatherface, Neal Page & Del Griffith
    Maria & Captain Von Trapp, Matilda & Leon, Lloyd & Harry

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