Silver Blade Assassin

Bionicle sculptures seem organic in a way that System simply can’t mimic. Of course, this is because the Bionicle system of pieces was designed to create organic models, but it also means that in the hands of a skilled builder, it excels at rendering smoothly curving forms. This awesome Silver Blade figure by Moko is one such fine example.

Silver Blade

2 comments on “Silver Blade Assassin

  1. Fred

    Wow. No doubt Bionical has a bit of a stigma issues with many AFOLs. At first glance this model is so perfect that it’s easy to brush it off because the nature of the parts. But get in close and start to recognize the original purpose of each bit… then the genius of it becomes clear. Moko is only proving how much talent he actually has by using a different medium like this

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