Did you miss out on ordering an Exo Suit?

Last Thursday night, LEGO.com was so overloaded that many of us weren’t able to get through to order the new LEGO Ideas Exo Suit. My own order got stuck, but the good people at LEGO unstuck it without my even having to call them. Nice!

The experience was memorable enough for Rob D. (agaethon29) that he commemorated it with this little scene.

Ordering an Exo Suit Mk III

And in case you missed it, we really are giving away a copy of the set, lightly customized by our own talented Simon (your choice of his custom model or the set’s disassembled parts). Head on over and leave a comment to enter the raffle.

13 comments on “Did you miss out on ordering an Exo Suit?

  1. Zlatty

    I ordered mine on 8/1 and have not received any indication that it’s moving along. I guess I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what’s up.

  2. Jim

    I ordered one from NZ to be delivered to Seattle and Lego decided to cancel it for me with out an explanation. Going to contact them again.

  3. Ieuan Richards

    I noticed that quite a few people, myself included, didn’t receive confirmation emails from LEGO having placed the order. Despite this, mine arrived yesterday and I didn’t even know that it had been shipped.

  4. Balrog

    I ordered on August 1. Just took a look and it seems my order has been processed and shipped. But without the Exo Suite :(

  5. ervino

    It seems that it pays to be a famous Lego-related blog writer! ;-)

    Unfortunately Lego Company seems not to be so correct with everyone.

    I ordered 2 ExoSuits on Lego Shop at 8:10 AM of August the 1st (I’m in Italy: 8:00 was the beginning of the sale here), and (notwithstanding the product was CLEARLY stated as “IN STOCK” at the moment of my order):

    1) I received NO confirmation mail;
    2) my Credit Card has been ALREADY charged at the moment of the order;
    3) Lego charged my CC for shipping costs EVEN if my order was elegible for free shipping;
    4) in my Status page the ExoSuits in my order are now (August the 5th) shown as “BACKORDERED”;
    5) I wrote a mail to the on-line Lego assistance without any reply so far.

    All in all until now it has been a REALLY disapponting experience.

    I understand that the quickness of the selling of the ExoSuit kit must have caught Lego by surprise, but, reading of buyers in the States already reciving thir ordered kits, I remain with the clear impression the Lego Co. favored the USA consumers over the ones in other countries (BUT they took my money in real time nevertheless… :-(((


  6. Fred

    IO added 2 to the cart, which was reduced to 1 by the time I checked out. I think it read it was back ordered till the 15th? Anyway it processed.

  7. adamreck1

    I got one of the last four that had shipped to the Freehold Raceway store here in Jersey. How limited is this set? When the website says it will restock in September, does that mean they are making more or am I holding on to a serious collector’s item here?

  8. Zlatty

    I just got off the phone with LEGO. The exo-suit sold out by 5PM eastern on the 1st and is in backorder. If you had anything else in your order, it will ship first. The exo-suit will be available in 30 days or so. You can ask LEGO shop to send you a confirmation email if you did not receive one.

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