LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo Suit box art revealed [News]

Last Friday the video announcement for the Exo-suit was posted, and now you can see the photo of the box art for the set and a comparison shot with Peter Reid’s original model. The set retails for $34.99 and is available August 1st. There is a highly limited supply, which means LEGO will not make more once the initial production sells out.


9 comments on “LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo Suit box art revealed [News]

  1. helloearthling

    I pray, I pray that the limited print run will not be abused by resellers to make a quick buck. And I know that it will happen anyway.

    Gah, I think it’s unethical to resell limited products. People buying modulars to resell, fine, everyone’s had 4 years to get their own. But it seems every limited release in Lego is plagued by carnivorous resellers and it’s a drain on the community.

    Sorry, micro-rant over. The set looks fantastic, and I hope everyone who reads this buys one for themselves and one for their kids. It’s great to see Lego stepping out and trying an Ideas product that isn’t tied to an existing brand; I hope they have enough faith to do even bigger releases in the future!

  2. HatRabies

    Wow, this turned out really really well. Hopefully the limited aspect doesn’t mean it’ll be an uphill battle to secure one. This is one I certainly cannot miss.

  3. wyldjedi

    I want a bunch of them, but only for my own collection. No reselling or any of that.

  4. Deus

    I like some new ideas they used on the greebling, but the gears on joints were my favourite part on the original! As for the set, the minifig themselves make me want to buy it…

  5. LukeClarenceVan

    Hat’s off to Mark, that’s a great redesign. Very different pieces used, but remarkably similar. However, I think that LEGO should hire Bluemoose to do their photography…

  6. TargetBoy

    I’m really hoping to get at least one of these! Id prefer two so I can put one away for my son when he gets older! Really looking forward to August 1 st! !!!

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