LEGO Ideas Exo Suit Officially Revealed [News]

LEGO has just released an announcement video for the forthcoming LEGO Ideas (née Cuusoo) set, 21109 Exo Suit, based on Peter Reid’s terrific design submission. This is one of the more imaginative videos LEGO has done for an announcement, and it fits perfectly into Peter’s Space universe that he lays out in his book, LEGO Space: Building the Future. See our previous coverage of this set here and here. There appears to still be no word on the price or part count, though it is set to be released in August.

10241 Exo Suit logo

3 comments on “LEGO Ideas Exo Suit Officially Revealed [News]

  1. wyldjedi

    Not just one, but two green classic space men. That is all. I will be buying many of them

  2. Naijel

    I really wish they would use the correct helmets for classic space figures. In my opinion using the more spherical modern ones instead of the more cylindrical old ones is not as good.

  3. Lyichir

    Naijel: While the newer helmet is indeed different from that of the original, the original was retired a very long time ago for a very good reason (namely the fragility of the original part). The closest we’ve gotten to a new version of that part was the molded “broken” helmet for Benny in the Lego Movie theme (since the broken helmet is a key character trait) and a remolded “unbroken” helmet just isn’t feasible, at least not on the limited budget and production runs for Ideas/Cuusoo sets.

    In any case, this set is more in line with the “Neo Classic Space” theme that Pete Reid has had such a big part in shaping than with Classic Space itself. With that in mind, the newer helmets with clear visors are completely appropriate.

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