Friday Night Fights – Ships of the Fleet

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada (in the New World) for another round of Friday Night Fights. Tonight we swab the decks and splice the mainbraces as we prepare to do bloody battle on the high seas. But do not let me here you cry “Aargh” you scurvy dogs, for these be not pirate ships, these be the Navy’s finest!

Off our port bow, we spy an oldie but a goodie – it’s Dirk Delorme‘s recreation of Nelson’s flagship the HMS Victory, which resurfaced at a recent German LEGO exhibition:

While off our starboard bow, brand spanking new from the shipyards of sebeus, comes the lighter faster Corvette Beatrix:

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding, by way of comment, which of these vessels is seaworthy, and which is destined for a trip to Davy Jones’ locker. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Micro Castles, Barton’s Helm’s Deep crushed Kristi’s classic keep in an 8-to-2 victory!

7 comments on “Friday Night Fights – Ships of the Fleet

  1. Sarah

    I decided not to vote by scale and more by the build. Although, I really liked both, I pick the Corvette Beatrix because of the neat parts usage with the “Mummy’s wing” piece on the back.

  2. anonymous bob

    The Victory is bigger. The Victory wins.

    Plus, it’s called the Victory. How can it not win?

  3. DagsBricks

    Argh? Ye sound like ye bein’ a landlubber. Pirates speak the phrase “Yar”. Argh is what ye be sayin’ when ye sit on yer belayin’ pin or ye wipe yer bum with yer hook fer a hand. Say Argh again and I’ll swab the poop deck with ye and then hoist ye up the mizzenmast by yer thumbs.

    I don’t recall seein’ me a ship with yeller masts and braces afore. Seems a wee daft. But the Beatrix be a fine craft that remind me of so many vessels I’ve boarded, then sunk, then burned, then pillaged. Perhaps me booty would be a mite bigger if I changed me business plan.

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