The future of warfare is olive green and gory

It’s a good week for small mecha, as hot on the heels of the previous gundams we have a double fistful of pintsize brawlers.

In the green corner we have the Triple-M by Devid, coming at you like a mullet, all lethal armor in the front and human burrito in the back.

And in the teal corner is the Mech with No Name from Guy Smiley, warming up for the match with a fleshie punching bag.

Just because it’s not friday doesn’t mean we can’t spill a little blood. Vote your winner below and we’ll see you fight fans another week for the next pay-per-view Two for Tuesday bloodbath.

3 comments on “The future of warfare is olive green and gory

  1. anonymous bob

    The teal doesn’t catch my eye at all. I’m voting for olive. Though now I’m thinking about a mech with a teal-and-olive color scheme… Too bad I don’t have enough of either teal or olive to pull it off. Anyway, both mechs look good, but does anyone find the “bottoms up” technique on the white’ upper legs off-putting? (I don’t know what else to call it…)

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