Life sized Hatsune Miku  built from LEGO

It’s been almost three years since Japanese builder Chaosbrick (カオス煉我) created the first LEGO version of the wildly popular digital pop star and Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku (初音ミク). Since then there have been plenty of other versions, by such builders as Moko, Mike Dung, LegoWyrm and even yours truly. But now Chaosbrick has returned to outdo them all with this life sized version!

Construction of the model began in October 2013 and took 6 months to complete, during which time the builder teased fans with work in progress shots from his Twitter feed. The final model uses over 20,000 bricks, and by all accounts it was quite a feat of engineering to make such a tall and slender LEGO model stay in one piece. But the end result is spectacular in its detail and accuracy, and should meet the expectations of even the most hardened Hatsune fan. Especially with the cheeky inclusion of some brick-built fan service ;-)

7 comments on “Life sized Hatsune Miku  built from LEGO

  1. Nicholas

    It’s fantastic especially his dedication to building a life size model, I do not mean to sound like I am nit picking but presenting it on a towel/blanket takes away from the grandeur, maybe he could revise this by doing a LEGO version of it! DOMO ARIGATO for a wonderful work!

  2. Mnemonyx

    Impressive build indeed – and truly remarkable that it stays in one piece.

    I get that the ‘fan service’ is part of the genre, but I’m not sure that linking to that image was the right approach for The Brothers Brick.

  3. Iain Post author

    Well, we like to think of this blog as rated PG-13. But I have removed the direct link to the fan service image anyway, in order to avoid any further reader discomfort. Fans can go looking for it themselves instead. Although the builder’s twitter page is kind of a dead giveaway. And so is this comment. Oh dear…

  4. Polish Guy

    This MOC is FANTASTIC! Big fan of the Miku Hatsune games! Can’t get enough of “Project Diva F”! Captured her in this MOC perfectly!

  5. Nicholas

    It is amazing the way one’s culture influences them even in their work in LEGO. I checked out his/her other stuff and to my surprise each MOC I saw had and Asian influence. I deeply understand this because I have often paid homage to my Italian heritage in many of my MOCpages creations!

  6. Deus

    Impressive, certainly. The largest one yep, probably. But even though I may not be a Hatsune Miku fan or know much about it, I am a fan of mathematics and LEGO brics. By my calculations, it should not be much larger than a metre or so.

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