The Barqan Dromon

I may or may not be a sucker for pretty ships. So this definitely caught my eye. Can I just say how much I LOVE that custom sail? Frankly, this is just pretty all around: the attention to the waves, the stylings of the hull, the rigging…Yep. Pretty.

Bravo, Gabriel (qi_tah). Bravo.

Barqan Dromon 1

2 comments on “The Barqan Dromon

  1. Mnemonyx

    It’s a pretty ship indeed!

    It does worry me a little that the sail on the foremast, the two other sails, and the flags on the top of the mast all seem to be using different wind, though!

  2. Jai

    Haha, I always used to point my flags backward like that, too. My thinking was that because the ship is moving forward, the flags must be trailing backward! The fact that wind is propelling the ship forward didn’t occur to me as a factor. I’m sure some fantasy illustrations, somewhere, were to blame for my misconception.

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