Valencia – a Hangar to call home

Far too often I see fantastic Sci-Fi vehicles that are presented itself either on a plan backdrop or photoshopped background.

So it’s always refreshing and awe inspiring when Keith Goldman (Don Quixote 2×4!) posts one of his epic dioramas with a fully brick built background:
Valencia [1/4]

Not to be satisfied with just a great ship, Keith takes it to the next level by building a home for his ship, complete with fantastic hexagon floor (based off of Tim G’s design) and classic-Goldman back lit wall.

7 comments on “Valencia – a Hangar to call home

  1. gambort

    Grammar nazis should learn the difference between grammar and spelling :P
    That said, it bugged me enough to dust off my edit skills and fix it.

  2. Mnemonyx

    Great hexes. Great ship. But that back lit wall – that is unquestionably the highlight for me!

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