Fifty shades of grey

Monochromatic grey never looked as good as it does in this hangar scene by Jeremy Williams (Bricking It). The relatively plain color scheme is accentuated by fantastic lighting and some stellar color blocking; the yellow claw dangling from the ceiling is particularly eye-catching.

7 comments on “Fifty shades of grey

  1. Buffalorand

    We got a good laugh because we figured the next photo would show the minifigs running for shelter seeing as how the guy piloting the incoming space craft has no room to land…

  2. Mnemonyx

    @ Buffalorand – I figured that there was space behind each of the landed craft – ie that the landing bay was two wide and two deep. But if that’s not the case, then space might be an issue…

  3. Buffalorand

    Perception drives opinion. I think it looks like a disaster in the making. No warning lights, no landing preparations underway, no sense of possible danger. Landing a ship in a small bay filled with activity warrants more preparation. Since none is taking place, the perception is, impending disaster. All of this observable data is taken in at a glance and leads to the perhaps false assumption that paired with the forced perspective of the scene there is an unscheduled landing about to occur the results of which may very well be death and destruction. Respect the nature of Space…the most dangerous of all working environments…save perhaps the siege of a castle.

  4. Mnemonyx

    @ Buffalorand – maybe it’s not landing, but reversing out? If so, then it’s well clear of the hangar now, so no need for those at work in the bay to pay any particular attention to it.

  5. Buffalorand

    I could see that. So, reversing out it is. Still, it was worth quite the moment of amusement when we all first took a look at it…Minifigs oblivious to impending doom not noticing the hanger door is open; newbie traffic controller routing shuttle to wrong bay…we got a good laugh. Of course, then we started talking about many of the pieces used in the build that we didn’t recognize and started googling technic hinges and such.

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