Wolverine LEGO sketch

It’s not the first time a pile of bricks has become art, but Adam Dodge shows us that superheros seem to magically appear everywhere:

The Wolverine

Though technically this isn’t a ‘build’ more of a carefully stacked pile – it does get huge bonus points for using only minifig weapons.

(now someone do Batman).

3 comments on “Wolverine LEGO sketch

  1. Mnemonyx

    It is very nice, though I must confess it took me a while too see Wolverine… but only minifig weaons? What about the cauldrons,the saucepans, the frypans, the film cameras (and so on…)?

  2. Andrew

    There’s no such thing as playing with legos “wrong”, but I’m personally not a fan of piles of LEGO pushed into a shape without being attached (and I feel the same way about water and landscape “techniques” that are just piles of small elements). My purism doesn’t exclude third-party accessories specifically designed to work with LEGO, but I do like my LEGO bits actually attached to each other. To each their own… :-)

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