Steampunkikoma? Steampunk Prospector Bot

I’m not always a fan of steampunk creations, but I love this build by Ted Andes (Ted @ndes). There are a lot of nifty little details on this build, and they’re largely intentional. I especially like the big glass eye, and the glass old style gauges on the side. The builder’s description of the symbiotic relationship with the wind-up cowboy is also a nice touch, and the perfect bit of steampunk absurdity.


4 comments on “Steampunkikoma? Steampunk Prospector Bot

  1. ted @ndes

    Thanks Dan for blogging my build. Some time ago, I found this guide to “How to Draw Steampunk”, and it has been a helpful reference in building steampunk too. Having a little knowledge in steam powered function goes a long way to better designs/greebling (i.e. it’s not just about “brown and brass”; typically my steampunk builds use neither).

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