KG2.5 – ARC Omelet starfighter

I’ve been avoiding blogging this for days now, as I expected one of the space bloggers to pick this up, but I can’t let it go by… I’m not exactly sure what dirt Gold Member has on Ryan Wood (Lights), but it has to be something juicy to make Ryan build this for him:

KG2.5 - ARC Omelet

The curved bits wrapped around the ‘yolk’ is just fantastic, and just enough greeble to satisfy the eye. And of course probably the best use of stretcher I’ve seen (look closely!).

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  1. ry

    Hahaha, thanks for the mention. The real story behind the ship is that two-and-a-half years ago, some of us were doing MOC trades. Keith and I agreed to do our own little swap, which he delivered on pretty quickly (I never posted pictures of the actual because I was so ashamed.)

    I… did not deliver quickly.

    Near the end of 2013, after finding out we are expecting a 3rd kid, I decided to fast-track payment of all Lego debts. I kicked this around for a couple months, making lots of tweaks, shipped to that most Golden of Men and then was overwhelmed by the love on Flickr. At work we don’t get guest feedback from our models too often, so I guess I’m not used to such a public response to something I’ve made.

    The short of it is: don’t get into any sort of arrangements with me, because it might be a lifetime before I deliver (sorry, honey!)

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