“Juggernaut” Anti-Tesla Heavy Hardsuit

I’d like to imagine that Gary (Garry) was repeatedly saying “I’m the Juggernaut” in his best Vinnie Jones voice as he assembled this. I love the use of a bionicle mask for armor on a minifig hardsuit. It looks great, and although this is a virtual MOC, the connection looks legit. If I had any of these masks, I’d be tempted to try it out! The choice of head for the pilot is also a very clever addition, really making use of the eye-slots.

2 comments on ““Juggernaut” Anti-Tesla Heavy Hardsuit

  1. Dave

    *small correction* The mask used there as a head is a HF mask. I know, not a huge distinction between bionicle and HF but I did want to point that out in case anyone went looking for it in BL or what ever. That’s Evo Brain Attack’s mask and it would be F****** awesome if it came in olive!

  2. Dan Post author

    Thanks Dave. I thought it might be HF, but the photo description mentioned Bionicle. I see now, that the builder was corrected in the thread of the photo! As you say, though, small distinction, effectively the same for me personally.

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