Step right up! to the LEGOLand Circus

There’s something wonderfully old-fashioned about the latest model built by Nick Barrett (TechnicNick), the LEGOLand circus. Before there were minifigs, LEGO already made the much larger maxifigs (although nobody called them that at the time). Their upper torsos and heads were specialised parts, but their bodies were brick-built. I had a few of these as a child and my sister had a much larger collection. Nick, who is a few years older than me, has combined these classic figures with modern parts and top-notch build techniques in this fantastic model.

Legoland Circus

Apparently I’m not alone in liking this, because Nick’s model won the 6th annual MocOlympics contest. Check out the details (and what happens after the fuze on the cannon is lit) on MOCPages.

5 comments on “Step right up! to the LEGOLand Circus

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Good to see this blogged over here, always nice to have a MOCpages/MocOlympics/Nick Barrett post pop up.

  2. Mnemonyx

    Those big figs certainly bring back some fond memories – and what a great scene! Using three segments rather than two for the ‘adult’ figures adjusts the proportions pleasingly, and was a stroke of genius.

  3. Ralph Post author

    ^I don’t use the maxifigs I have in my collection (all the ones that were my sister’s actually), but what I really like about them and liked about them as a child, is the brick-built bodies. They made playing with the figures harder, but made them fun to build. I also like the larger scale, pretty close to many of the models I still build today.

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