Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar 41035 [Review]

41035 Heartlake Juice Bar is one of the 2014 Lego Friends sets. The set contains 277 pieces and retails for $29.99, which you can buy from Amazon.

Here is my summary of the highlights of the set, which are elaborated in the review video below.



  • Model seems small for the price you’re paying for

The main appeal of this set to me are the colors. As explained in the video, they are useful for the creation I’m working on. The two main reasons I can think of for buying this set would be for parts or for your kids to play with. In terms of parts, the ones I listed above are interesting and potentially useful, but Bricklink is the better source to get the specific ones you need without buying the entire set. The current price of $29.99 seems a bit high, but Amazon sometimes discount newly released sets by around 20% within the first few months.

3 comments on “Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar 41035 [Review]

  1. oddTodd

    I saw this set, along with Sunshine Ranch and Stephanie’s Beach House, on the shelf at Walmart this past weekend, in case anyone can’t wait until January 1st.

  2. Jai

    Er… no, it’s MORE than ten cents a piece, at thirty bucks.

    The pineapples are awesome! It does seem like a very nice set.

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