93,600mm of LEGO SPACE!

With over one hundred entries and over 11,700 studs worth of LEGO spaceships built, I think it is a safe bet that SHIPtember was a huge success. Checkout all the winners in this thread. And vote for your People’s Choice winners in this thread

SHIPtember 2013 Poster

Also be sure to to check out the massive full size poster at 10px=1 stud. Big props to Josh Derksen for making the rockin’ poster. And of course humungous internet high fives to brainchild Simon Liu for hosting probably the most epic monthly build challenge in flickr history.

1 comment on “93,600mm of LEGO SPACE!

  1. si-mocs

    That is soooooo pretty :)

    Fun fact – if you laid each SHIP end to end it’s almost 100 meters…
    which means it would take Usain Bolt a whole 9.6 seconds to get from one end to another!

    That’s a LOT of SHIPs!

    And thanks for everyone who built, who tried to build, or even cheered builders on! You all rock!

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