Wicked robot

Most of the robots featured on this blog come equipped with big guns or giant swords. Cool stuff, without a doubt, but the robot built by Carol Price (Mrs Wobblehead), looks at least as menacing to me, despite its disarming grin and conspicuous lack of armament. I think there’s something a bit wicked about the grin and there’s definitely something fishy about secret underground lairs.

Building A Giant Lego Robot In A Secret Lair

The robot is a large version of the series 6 collectible minifig and, while it may not set the world on fire with super-sophisticated building techniques, the scene has a lot of clever details. I simply love the sense of humour involved in building it.

3 comments on “Wicked robot

  1. TheLegoExpert

    Nice! After years on this great site I finally found the Register button. Aesthetically, I hate the update. At least it is functional!

  2. andyscouse

    A marvelous build!! Definitely worth the blog! Of course, I’m proud being the brother-in-law of the now quasi-legendary Mrs Wobblehead!

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