Sci-Fi LEGO that is just plain stylish

If I were to describe the work of Jonas (LEGOLIZE IT MAN) I think the most appropriate word would be ‘stylish’. It is relatively easy to make a LEGO spaceship and take a picture of it. It is another thing altogether to make it look legitimately cool. Perhaps I am biased, but I would tend to think that your average person seeing this (whether being a LEGO fan or not) would say, “Well that looks rad!”

If Jonas were to publish a coffee table book full of prints of his work, I would buy it immediately. I would read it…and then I would be inspired to build cool LEGO sci-fi things.

AGA ship

Un-edited alternate views

I like it when people’s builds make me want a coffee table book full of them.

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  1. Curtis

    It’s always been my intention to make a coffee table book of my own MOCs (is that vein?). I’d want to gather the inspiration and influences to go along with each MOC and do a write up about them. I think it would be really cool if us AFOLs started putting personal books like this together and putting them up for sale for others to purchase and collect.

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