Unofficial LEGO Monty Python sets that you’ll never see in stores

It’s no secret that I love Monty Python, so it’s really no surprise that someone like Rifiröfi would be able to successfully appeal to my vanity in order to share his own LEGO Monty Python creations. The thing is, Rifiröfi LEGO recreations of key scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail are really quite good — wonderful custom minifigures presented with well-built scenes in pseudo-official box art.

Here’s The Rabbit of Caerbannog, with its “nasty, big, pointy teeth!”

LEGO 79097: The Rabbit of Caerbannog

Fortunately, the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is at hand to assist King Arthur and his brave knights.

LEGO 79098: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

But one of my favorite scenes is when *SPOILER* Sir Bedevere establishes that Connie Booth’s character is a witch because she weighs the same as a duck.

LEGO 79092: The Witch Trial

Okay, fine, I can’t pick a favorite scene. Here’s the Black Knight.

LEGO 79091: The Black Knight

Finally, no depiction of Monty Python and the Holy Grail would be complete without the French knights and Arthur’s assault on their castle.

LEGO 79094: The French

LEGO 79094: The Trojan Rabbit

Check out all of Rifiröfi’s LEGO Monty Python scenes on Flickr. And since I’m in a mildly self-aggrandizing mood, you can take a trip in the wayback machine with me and visit my own LEGO Monty Python photoset on Flickr. (For the record, I think Rifiröfi’s scenes are way better than mine — some of the earliest LEGO photos I posted online back in 2004.)

20 comments on “Unofficial LEGO Monty Python sets that you’ll never see in stores

  1. Tananavalley

    I am with celtlfs on this one. Their scenes are very smartly chosen. The Witch Trial has got to be my favorite. These are damn near perfect. I would buy them all.

  2. AK_brickster

    I would definitely buy these! Please please please put these on Cuusoo, Adam! They might not make it past the final review, but it’s worth a shot! :D

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ These are really fantastic models & scenes, but I would strongly recommend against putting these on CUUSOO. The source material is an adult-rated movie that LEGO would never approve, so it’s not worth your time and effort to put it up there and constantly promote it (which, frankly, would be annoying).

  4. AK_brickster

    I should point out that while a lot of Monty Python stuff is not appropriate for the Lego demographic, the “Quest for the Holy Grail” is only rated PG, according to IMDb, which is the same rating as “Back to the Future”.

    Also, just because he posts it to Cuusoo doesn’t mean that he has to go around promoting it incessantly. I have a feeling that if it got picked up by one of the major blogs like Reddit, or Boing Boing, he could get to 10k supporters with very little effort.

    The hard part is already done. Posting to Cuusoo would require minimal effort and I think that it has a legitimate chance to be successful.

  5. AK_brickster

    ^ Which is not to imply that TBB is not a “major blog”. I guess I meant “major mainstream” blog :)

  6. BobaFett2

    I wish people would reference something OTHER than the Holy Grail. I’ve seen it too many times and too many people reference it. It’s as if the amazing “Life of Brian” doesn’t even exist…not to mention the monumental TV show. I understand that it’s less “mature” than Life of Brian and the TV show…but still.

    As for the builds themselves, they’re…eh. Except the Castle, which is decent for TBB.

  7. AK_brickster

    ^ I think that you have to appreciate the entire presentation as a whole, not just how complex the MOC design is. These were made as “sets” with reasonable piece counts in mind, and the custom decal work, photography, and “box art” are all flawless.

  8. jimmythefly

    Yeah, I think the builds are fantastic. It’s actually kind of difficult, IMO to build small scenes like this in the style size of official sets. These work really, really well.

    I have not tired of Holy Grail references at all, especially when done well, as these are.

    As usual, when complaining of “I wish someone would build X”, look to your own brick pile first. Are you not someone?

  9. allister

    I just registered in order to post about this– I don’t recall the specifics, but years ago when I was using my Lego Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker set, the Lego website featured this Monty Python and the Holy Grail video:

    Does anyone know if that was done by TLG? Might the minifigures be able to be reproduced, if that is the case?

    I really like these models because they so readily convey the scenes they are depicting. I love the attention to detail.

  10. celtlfs

    Judging by the responses on here , official Lego sets would be a winner.Not sure Lego would be ready for the grief of ‘Life Of Brian ‘ sets ‘He’s not the messiah , he’s a Lego figure ‘

  11. Theo_43

    This is brilliant. Except the Black Knight needs removable limbs with red Lego stumps underneath. So he can, as an ornery torso, castigate King Arthur and Patsy as they ride off.

  12. tokyospark

    These are marvelous! There could be so many more!
    Personally, I feel this one is a must…

    Castle Anthrax with the grail shaped beacon!
    Complete with Zoot! (which can double as her identical twin sister, Dingo)

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