Deer Me!

I am aware that this is not the first deer-like creation that I have blogged here. For some reason, I still couldn’t resist this build by audioglobe (brikkle). It’s not just that the puns are deer to my heart, I truly believe this model is worth fawning over. The head and horns really capture the look of the animal, and the joints and spindly hooves cap it off nicely.

Grande Stagg 1

3 comments on “Deer Me!

  1. Formendacil

    There’s something wonderfully cartoon-like about this creation. It’s reminding me very distinctly of something without my having the foggiest idea what that could be–so I’ll just assume that the builder has succeeded in making something distinct.

  2. BrikkHedd

    Heya guys , thanx for blogging me, I was so excited by this. I didn’t get a chance to add info to the Flickr photo but this is another addition to the series of zoids I’m building atm (I’ve got too many damn user names, but it is really me) making it onto BB is a Lego career goal! Cheers BrikkHedd aka RobJ/Brikkle/Audioglobe :)

  3. AK_brickster

    Formendacil, Final Fantasy, perhaps? This totally feels like a random battle baddie to me.

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