You have to love the curves

This futuristic car, the brain-child of Vince Toulouse (vince_toulouse) has a lot of nice shapes and curves going on. It exudes a sense of menace and speed. It feels like it could blow you off the road and blow your mind at the same time.

By the way, this car has to be good. While I was working on the post, I got two messages from readers making sure I had seen it…

4 comments on “You have to love the curves

  1. stevethesquid

    I had a feeling that my message would be for naught, because this is just too cool to pass up! That cockpit is just fantastic!

    The best part is that it’s one of those builds where it just blows you away, but you can then look at it for another good 5 minutes soaking up all the nuances in the shape and detail, then come back for more later!

  2. Josh Post author

    @Stevethesquid – Yup, yours was one of the messages. I had seen it, was planning to blog it, got one message, was going to go eat breakfast and then blog it…when your message came in. So I was all “Oh forget breakfast, I better get on this”. ;)

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