Dennis The Menace

LegoJalex built a scene from a classic American comic and TV series, Dennis The Menace. I read some of the comics as a kid, so it was recognizable to me. Regardless, one should note the slingshot that Dennis is holding; it’s a very eye-catching accessory made out of official Lego elements and a custom sling.

Dennis The Menace - Dennis' Treehouse

4 comments on “Dennis The Menace

  1. flowerpotgirl

    I believe the Scottish version of Dennis is the original version – brought to us by DC Thomson of Dundee….

  2. jimmythefly

    This is a beautiful, clean build. Something about it struck me, but took a minute to put my finger on it: zero printed or stickered parts (other than minifig faces and bodies). Also, it has a minimum of fussy detail, texture, and snot techniques.

    I think as a design this stands out for that cleanliness, and the willingness to leave the studs visible in all their glory. Really a lovely little scene.

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