“I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

Presenting the Exodus, a colony ship by TBB first-timer Tim Clark (Tim C76). A SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment In Parts) is a milestone accomplishment for any serious sci-fi builder, but mere length is not enough to grace the ivy covered halls of The Brothers Brick. Fortunately Tim has created an interstellar behemoth that fits the nerdy and somewhat arbitrary specifications of the genre and looks great too. The Exodus has all the boilerplate features you’ve come to expect from a starship: powerful engines, pointy antenna cluster and non specific pieces of technology so often called “greebles“. As if our hobby isn’t dorky enough, we embrace words like “greebles“. Yes I realize the word existed before the hobby but it doesn’t make it any more acceptable. As a “spacer” I feel confident bashing my own kind. Back to the Exodus…it even has the final requirement for all great SHIPs; some celestial eye-candy in the background. Welcome to the SHIPwrights club, Tim.

The Exodus

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