LT-7 Longbow by Peter Morris

They may be my arch nemesisisss’s?, nemisie? nemisee? nemi, nemi…well let’s just go with enemies. But even I have to tip my hat to these guys’ performances. We previously featured some the team’s work for the 3rd round of the Starfighter Telephone Game. Well it was now Peter Morris’ turn, and not surprising he has come up with a slick little fighter. I will actually go so far as to say that this thing is approaching perfection. The angles and controlled colour blocking/striping are expertly done. For being such a compact fighter there is a tonne of details to catch your eye. I am not ashamed to say that I want one.

LT-7 Longbow

Well played Mr. Morris, well played…

Duolos and Longbow

2 comments on “LT-7 Longbow by Peter Morris

  1. gedren_y

    Very slick.

    The plural for ‘nemesis’ is ‘nemeses’, long ‘e’ on the last syllable.

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