50 Shades of Bley: Iain Heath’s Mad LEGO Science

Resident mad genius and meme chaser Iain Heath has just put out a crazy video explaining how to dye your bricks. All you purists out there can put your pitchforks down and simply skip over this one, but for everyone else, it’s some pretty cool stuff whether you’re into LEGO mutilation or not. In this video Iain explains how he achieved the flesh tones used in his large-scale Gollum character. And for those of you who haven’t seen it, Iain’s previous video describing his design process for the accompanying Bilbo is also well worth a watch.

3 comments on “50 Shades of Bley: Iain Heath’s Mad LEGO Science

  1. Chris Post author

    Thanks for the safety warning, Aswin. This video is intended for AFOLs, that is, Adult Fans of LEGO, who wish to customize their bricks with a potent dyeing agent, but it’s always important to keep safety in mind no matter what your age.

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