The Beauty and the Beast

Remember the Peterbilt big rig built by Jörg (lichtblau)? Perhaps not, but several months ago he built a new version. It is slightly smaller, such that the overall proportions are a better match for how tall minifigures are.

Size matters - Peterbilt revised 02

It is a beautifully proportioned model, full of clever details. Take a look at how the roof plates on top of the sleeper cab match up with the curved bricks underneath, for instance. I loved it when I first saw it and I was not alone, because this beauty inspired billyburg to build a beastly Monster Truck version.

Lego Peterbilt Monster Truck

He notes that he contacted Jörg before building it. He received nothing but encouragement and mentions that this is what’s great about the Lego community. I couldn’t agree more, especially with a result like this.