“Expect nothing of Walder Frey and you will never be surprised.”

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, don’t look or read any further…

diegoboy brings one of the more infamous scenes of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series to life with his take on the “The Red Wedding”. The builder does a great job focusing the somewhat chaotic action of the diorama and he certainly doesn’t skimp on the gore.

"The Lannisters send their regards."

“Expect nothing of Walder Frey and you will never be surprised.”

10 comments on ““Expect nothing of Walder Frey and you will never be surprised.”

  1. Curtis the Shmurbiss

    That feel when you get a tv show spoiled by a LEGO moc and because you don´t live in the USA.

  2. proudlove

    If you hadn’t had that spoiled for you before now, you’ve been living under a rock.

  3. Lego Junkie

    I find it humorous when people complain about spoilers of a movie/TV show when it’s been in a book for the last few years.

  4. Syruss

    12 years, I think. I’m pretty sure SoS was published in ’01. I could be wrong though.

  5. Keith Goldman Post author

    The original post for this model featured no spoiler alert, but I received a mild chastisement from the other Brothers for my insensitivity.

  6. Arowin

    Being on holiday I was waiting till I got back to watch the episode. I managed to keep it spoiler free, but as soon as the image came through on my feed, that was it :(

    Sooo close…

    Perhaps next time, a bit more spoiler notification in the title?

  7. Andrew

    I’m not one of the Brothers who chastised Keith for this post, and didn’t dive into this discussion here because I wanted to see where it went.

    One of the many useful things I learned from my BA in English literature is that spoilers are unavoidable. What’s important about a story is not necessarily what happened, but how and why it happened. The inevitability of spoilers was true when the class discussed a chapter in a book that I was behind on, and it’s even more true today when the entire web is discussing last week’s episode of an HBO show.

    I don’t personally watch Game of Thrones, and I could only stomach the first half of the first book before I threw it down in disgust. So, acknowledging that I personally don’t care about having the TV show spoiled, I have to ask everyone raising a hue and cry about spoilers (not just here on TBB), “Are you living under a freaking rock?!” Sure, HBO is a limited-distribution premium channel, and I can’t quite understand why it seems like everyone watches the show when I know that can’t possible be true, but to further reinforce what Mr. Proudlove said, the particular book that the show is faithfully based on was published more than a decade ago!

    I appreciate Keith respecting the wishes of those who want to continue living under a rock, but I for one had no problem with his original post…

  8. Syruss

    Yeah, I’ve lived with the torment of that scene for so many years now that getting to watch other people’s faces when it all goes down is probably the most fulfilling thing about the show. Not to say it’s badly done. It’s actually quite faithful. It’s just, you know, misery loves company. Which is also, more than likely, what George R.R. Martin’s headstone will probably say. Lest we forget…

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