Devil’s Den

My homeboy from Florida, Mike Yoder (M.R.Yoder) has been on a roll lately, building like a tweaker locked in a room with uncut product and plenty of LEGO. Yoder’s latest project has nothing to do with epic microscale spaceships or mecha hiding in barns. Instead Yoder takes us back to the “War of Nothern Aggression” as some in the southern portion of this country like to call it. The setting is incidental though; the real star of this diorama is the meticulous and dare I say original landscaping.

Devil's Den

This display is part of a collaborative effort Mike is hoping to bring to Brickfair VA in August, his first convention. Unfortunately, unless Mike can find a like-minded soul to split hotel expenses with, it won’t happen. Mike is a good guy, so if you’re headed to the convention anyay, why not save a few bucks and help get this diorama to Virginia? Hit Yoder up on Flickrmail if you’re interested in helping.