Whistlebridge Pass

David Leest (Deviet) returns to the Brother-Ship after an almost two year absence. The diorama is a classic slice of fantasy boilerplate with soaring towers, meticulous rock-vomit and of course, access to the water table. The star of the show is the bridge that somehow anchors the model and helps to elevate the whole enchilada. Enjoy your Sunday serving of Castle.

LCC - Whistlebridge Pass

5 comments on “Whistlebridge Pass

  1. AK_brickster

    Glad that this made it to TBB! This is one of my favorite MOCs of all time, I think. The various angles and terrific snowscaping really make it for me.

    By the way, this is the third MOC featured on TBB this month that is a result of a challenge we had over at http://www.classic-castle.com

    The challenge was to “redux” a MOC previously built by another member of the “Lands of Classic Castle” roleplay we have on the forum over there.

    Here is the original MOC by Ronin Dragonslayer: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/358178

    Here is a link to the thread on classic-castle where you can see all of the terrific entries that were made for this challenge:

  2. Andrew

    We’d be happy to include context like that if builders did so themselves. “GC4” doesn’t give us much to go on. Thanks for the additional info!

  3. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^^Actually I did notice the reference to the challenge, and I have mentioned GC4 in a previous post. In this particular case it didn’t seem as important, so I left it out. Thanks for the links, I appreciate it.

  4. AK_brickster

    You’re very welcome! We are in the process of selecting finalists from the four LCC factions right now (all of your blogged MOCs came from the Outlaw faction, so narrowing down their finalist will be difficult, I’m sure!)

    Once we have the 4 finalists selected, I thought maybe if one of our LCC members put a collage of them together along with a brief write-up of the GC4 and the LCC project in general, maybe since we’ve had so many MOCs for that project featured here, you guys could give us a small “official” plug?

  5. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^Well, I can probably fit you in the rotation for the usual fee. No paying in drachmas this time though. Hit me up on Flickr: DonQuixote2x4!

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