The Soothing Sounds of Siercon & Coral

When I first encountered the work of Sean and Steph Mayo I thought to myself “Who are these new-age musician weirdos and what do they want from us?” I looked up articles on how to identify cults…you know, just to be ready.

This mosaic is titled Once Upon a Time…which to be honest doesn’t do much for me as a title. It simply isn’t new-agey enough. Perhaps something like “The Diagonal Woman”, “Lifescape” or “Quantum Dreams” would have been better?. The mosaic itself is masterful, but looking at it long enough has the same effect as new age music…I start to drift off.

Once Upon a Time

See you next Friday at the fights, it has been a pleasure being your weekend DJ.

5 comments on “The Soothing Sounds of Siercon & Coral

  1. Red Spacecat

    It’s also nice to see someone is actually putting Flickr’s new features to good use instead of just complaining about it.

  2. dtowncracka

    Ah yes, I remember their foray into New Age music. I’ll never forget the flood of emotion I felt the first time I heard their breakout hit, “Studs. What Are They Good For?”
    I believe that was off their transcendent, debut album, “ABS Jesus”.
    No wonder I consider those two the ‘Yannis’ of the Lego community!! XD

  3. Keith Goldman Post author

    Damn…that’s a pretty big mistake, I like to at least get the name of the builder right. Apologies also for my sloppy gramar, it must drive some of you crazy.
    Thanks for pointing out my gaffe, it is fixed.

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