Adding to the Constitution

It has been too long since we featured something for our Train-head friends on the big blog. Hopefully i don’t run afoul of Gambort, operating on his digital turf, but I couldn’t resist blogging this photogenic Vagon-CZRC by Valgarise The Vagon was built as a companion piece for set #79111 (Constitution Train Chase) and I think the builder did an admirable job replicating the style of the train.


Please don’t shank me Tim…last time it took like 50 stitches to close me up.

2 comments on “Adding to the Constitution

  1. alldarker

    I love the look and the style, but the short wheelbase makes it look rather more like a period tram (1900’s – 1920’s) than a western style train coach. Oh well, must be because I work in metropolitan public transport / urban mass transit myself…

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