4-Course Microscale Space Dinner

Trying to get a table at the TBB brasserie on a Friday night/Saturday morning with no reservations is unheard of, but you constant reader have enough juice to get past the stuffy maître d’. Please take a look at the wine list, your server will be with you shortly. Tonight’s menu is prix fixe.

The first course is an appetizer by chef Red Spacecat, the Viper Gauntlet RVR04

Viper Gauntlet RVR04

…followed by Chef Tim Goddard’s (Rogue Bantha) TBX shuttle

TBX shuttle

…followed by Chef Tim Zarki’s (Spook) main course the Metis Class Rapid Transport

Metis Class Rapid Transport

…and the meal is capped off by renowned pâtissier Karf Oohlu’s and his Turtle class highspeed cruiser.

Turtle class highspeed cruiser

We hope you enjoyed your meal, please come again.

3 comments on “4-Course Microscale Space Dinner

  1. Karf Oohlu

    Keith! Matey! You grace your window display with my stuff again!
    Too damn awesome, I’m going to have to sacrifice my firstborn to you : D

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