It’s Tractor Time

16 year old Polish wunderkind Damian Z. (Thietmaier) swears he’s done with tractors this time. If that is true, then I think we should take time to savor the builder’s final effort, “KD35.013“. At the time of this posting I was not able to determine whether or not Damian has been recruited into the shadowy and powerful group known as LUGPol. If he is not, it is surely only a matter of time.


But why stop with just one tractor? I wouldn’t want TBB to be accused of having an anti-tractor bias, so let’s get in the way-back machine and set the dial to 2010 for this gem entitled “Ursus C-360“.


And finally I’m going to slip in this excellent Road-grader from KryptonHeidt at no additional charge. I don’t think Damian will mind sharing the white-hot spotlight of TBB.

Road Grader