Duck and cover

In other news, legorobo:waka snuck this beauty onto flickr, right in between a wall of large and generally unoriginal pictures expressing dislike for flickr. Consider it a mecha chaser.


3 comments on “Duck and cover

  1. Andrew

    Yeah, what’s ruining Flickr for me today more than the new layout (about which I reserve judgment) is having to filter past all the “Ermahgerd Ah h8t Flickrrrr!!!” nonsense that people are expressing via photos.

  2. HatRabies

    I really could have sworn this had been posted here before. Even if it has, I’ve enjoyed getting a second helping!

  3. Andrew

    Yeah, looks like Legorobo posted the same model twice (once back in February, when I blogged it, and then again yesterday, at which point Tim blogged the new photos), but I certainly can’t complain about the excellence of the model or the timeliness of the “chaser.” ;-)

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