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  1. Magnus

    I have no interest in going on flickr on a smartphone, since I don’t own or want to own one. To me personally, as a longtime paying Pro subscriber, this is a massive downgrade in every possible way.

    I’ve often told builders who aren’t on flickr, that joining up and spending 25 bucks a year is the best investment of 25 bucks they’ll ever put into their Lego hobby. I’m not sure I can make that recommendation anymore.

    I like to be an optimist and say that I will get used to this, but I guess I will have to wait and find out. Add me to the list of very unhappy customers who just want their old flickr back.

  2. maedhros1980

    I created an account on Ipernity and it is pretty much the old flickr from what I can tell. You can add notes or comments to the photos, there are groups, the frontpage is pretty much like the old flickr frontpage. I’m going to try it for a while.

    For the record, I don’t really have any major issue with the looks of the new flickr (I can actually browse it using the highspeed internet at work!) and would like to stay and am going to try to stay. I think the new look is annoying, but I think I could get used to it. My problem is my sub-par internet service at home just can’t handle webpages that have pictures plastered across every square millimeter.

  3. HatRabies

    I made an Ipernity account as a ‘just-in-case’ backup plan. Its a pretty nice sight actually. I’m hoping I’ll just get used to this Flickr change, though. I’d really hate to have to move all my pictures over.

  4. peggyjdb


    Can’t stand the new look. Yes I’ll probably get used to it, but if enough people get on Ipernity so that it replaces flickr I’ll make the move more permanent.

  5. MatthewM

    I’m mixed…I like some aspects and mostly agree with everyone else when they state they hate the home page aspect. The rest is not bad though as the community groups for the most part remain unaffected…but I do agree that it might be time to consider other options like Peggyjdb suggested to migrate over to Ipernity since Flickr and Yahoo in general don’t seem to be overly interested in listening.

  6. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Catsy nailed it. I also agree with what Andrew said: maybe they will modify some of their settings, or allow users options. There appears to be a lot of frustration being voiced now. But if they choose not to (or don’t) listen, then maybe it will be time to move on.

  7. Dave

    Hi Everyone, I joined mostly to comment here but also hopefully branch out.

    Anywho. While I completely encourage keeping a community together, the beautiful thing about the internet is we can have accounts on multiple sites. Like myself for example. I’m now 3rdeye88 here, on MOCpages, and Deviantart, and “Thirdeye88” on Flickr and skype.

    I’ve recently embarked on a movement to help spread awareness of the MOCing community on Deviantart. It is a smaller community, but with the new changes to Flickr, I and a few friends are hoping that we can suggest DeviantART as an alternative. The entire site is built around social art, Its not merely a site that host pictures that MOCers use as a nest to house their community, its designed to encourage the community aspect of art with smooth messaging and linking systems, sharing buttons, journal skins, and many other features we’re all used to such as favorites, and groups. I find the best solution to any problem like the one flickr is facing is all the solutions, be on all the sites, networking across sites means one site’s pros makes up for another’s cons. I could be just as active on Flickr, but I chose Deviantart because of the three main sites(DA, Flickr, MOCpages) DA has been the most responsive. I mean I’ve gotten a Daily Deviation there once where the ENTIRE SITE SAW MY MOC Not just the people in the MOCing community. Stat’s don’t lie. Almost 40,000 on a single MOC isn’t bad right?

    I’m not asking anyone to leave, I’m just saying, “come check it out.”

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