Chester Keep

Although our next featured builder is guilty of using way too many first names, Tim (Gilbert_Keith) knows how to build a sweet looking castle. I considered blogging this when it debuted about a month ago and decided not to because I’m a jerk and I was probably distracted by something shiny. “Chester Keep” has everything a Castle fanatic should enjoy…clever towers, nice landscaping, a moat… the usual boilerplate. Tim commented on iBrick that his 3 year old daughter “totally leveled it” near the end of the build process, causing a long delay. I think most parents who build can relate to such a catastrophic event, I know I can.

Chester Keep

2 comments on “Chester Keep

  1. AK_brickster

    Always good to see more CASTLE featured on TBB. Great job with this one, Tim Gilbert Keith! In particular, I like that you’ve got some open courtyard just inside the gate. Nice to see a layout that isn’t so crowded that there is no room for it to reasonably function.

  2. Gilbert_Keith

    Thanks AK, and thanks TBB for the feature. It is an honor to be featured on this legendary site. And I agree with AK – I love to see the great castle builds and architectural wonders that often show up here!

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