Fabrik Mosaïque

We are still far removed from the point where LEGO robots can build copies of themselves, but the ‘Fabrik Mosaïque’ built by minkowsky shows an interesting first step.

Fabrik Mosaïque

The factory building itself is nice, but when I first saw it, it didn’t strike me as all that remarkable. I’m glad I took a closer look, however, because of what it does: using LEGO Mindstorms it scans an image and then produces an 8 x 8 pixel two colour mosaic of that image using lines of LEGO tiles.

I can’t quite see a factory like this appearing in every shopping district and I wonder how well it does with an image that isn’t pixelated to start with, but this is clever stuff.

3 comments on “Fabrik Mosaïque

  1. Angeli

    Wow. I’ve always appreciated mocs with maindstrom elements inside, as they need even more creativity then regular Lego bricks.
    Lovely work

  2. Ralph Post author

    ^I’m not sure it’s necessarily more creative, but it does require yet another skill set. What struck me as very original about this model is the combination of a fun concept executed with Mindstorms in a city-themed building.

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