I think it’s rather trite to say that something “doesn’t look like LEGO” — it’s a lazy statement and plays into the non-building public’s perception that “LEGO these days” is “overly specialized” and “doesn’t foster creativity.” Also, we try not to feature the same model twice.

Nonsense, all of it. Just look at this amazing dragon built by aurore&aube.

Stormbringer 2.0  002

This new version includes much-improved horns, and arms posed as if the dragon were about to leap into the air.

2 comments on “Stormbringer

  1. Eric at A Lego A Day

    See, to me, building an organic creation that does not “look like LEGO” is an incredible achievement. Very rarely do I like the looks of a brick-built “animal”. This one is amazing. The pose is so lifelike. Fluid. This is an incredible build to me.

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