Announcing the 2013 Lego Military Build Competition

I am sure many of you will be looking forward to the annual Lego Military Build Competition. I know I am. I was a participant in 2008 and 2009 (with some success) and helped organise and judge it in the last few years. This year it is being run by Magnus Lauglo, D-Town Cracka, -Mainman- and Aleksander Stein, all of whom will be familiar to military builders and to long-term readers of this blog.

2013 Lego Military Build Competition

If you are interested, you should make your way to the special contest group on flickr for more information. The contest starts today and runs until July 10th. In previous years, the quality of many of the entries in this competition was excellent and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the results this year.

4 comments on “Announcing the 2013 Lego Military Build Competition

  1. dtowncracka

    ^^ Honestly guys, Is there any other type of building?!? ;)

    Thanks for Blogging the Competition Announcement, Ralph!!
    The added publicity has been a real benefit!! I think it’s going to be a super year, with a fantastic turn-out!

  2. Ralph Post author

    ^No problem, mate. I chose not to be involved in running it this year because I knew I would struggle to find the time, but I will be keeping an eye on the results and fully expect to blog a few. You guys have come up with some great categories.

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