Black Five evolution

I am not sure whether any of the trains built by Andrew Harvey (technoandrew) have been featured here before, but in British LEGO fan circles he has a well-deserved reputation for building beautiful steam locomotives. His latest picture shows how he has been updating his model of a British so-called Black Five steam locomotive. These were among the last steam locomotives used on British railways. As I’m currently updating some of my own existing models, it caught my eye.

Black 5 Evolution

It is fascinating to see how the new parts and new tricks Andrew has picked up over a period of several years have lead to a constant refinement in the shape and the level of detail. As a result, the LEGO model is getting closer and closer to the scale model shown at the bottom.

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  1. xboxtravis7992

    The Black Five is one of my favorite British trains (if only because a certain Rev. Awdry used it as the basis for one of his children’s book characters). This model is great just because it shows how one can evolve their Lego building methods over the years to get better and better results.

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