Time-lapse video of Alice Finch assembling LEGO Hogwarts

Unless you’ve been living deep in the Forbidden Forest, you’ve already seen the awesome pictures of Alice’s LEGO Hogwarts here on The Brothers Brick. Several thousand more of you got to see it in person this past weekend at Emerald City Comicon here in Seattle. But I suspect many of you wonder how Alice Finch transports and assembles her masterpiece. Wonder no more!

The video doesn’t include the six SUVs that hauled Hogwarts to and from ECCC…

We’ll have more ECCC coverage here on The Brothers Brick shortly.

2 comments on “Time-lapse video of Alice Finch assembling LEGO Hogwarts

  1. Eric at A Lego A Day

    Wow. Did it say how long it took to assemble on location? ION other words, how much time was condensed into that 1 minute?

    So were all those flat cardboard boxes just used as shims beneath the baseplates? Genius!

    The over hanging bits make me nervous… o.0

  2. Josh

    It was all done by the time I got there but, according to the YouTube description, it took three hours to set up.

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