Tiny Delights

These tiny space planes by Griffin! are fantastic models. At micro scale, every piece used counts, and this builder has made sure to choose carefully. Every element used in this creation appears to have a purpose, represents an important part of the ship, and contributes to the overall aesthetic. I think my favorite detail may be the binoculars as intakes, but the minifig skis as the fuselage are also fantastic.

Ankara Aerospace M-117 Multirole Fighters

5 comments on “Tiny Delights

  1. Zrath

    “Choose”, not “chose”.
    Also, “represents” and “contributes”.
    And finally, “my”, not “may”.

    I’m a professional Quality Assurance Engineer and proofreading is one of the many services I offer. :)

  2. Andrew

    Gotta love comments on the Internet…

    Zrath: We generally proofread each other’s work and fix little things like this rather quickly, and as a professional writer and editor myself, I’m keen to keep the text we publish typo-free, but signing in just to nit-pick typos in a blog post seems like a waste of your valuable time, doesn’t it?

  3. Dan Post author

    I’ve been posting from my iPhone lately, and auto-correct is having its way with me.

    Andrew, I appreciate you cleaning this up.

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