3 comments on “Space cargo ship: The Boundless

  1. Admonisher

    Love the design! Very realistic and attractive as a cargo ship! But is “belies” the word you meant to use here? Literally, that would mean that the five days spent on the build give a false impression of, or run counter to the quality of its construction. Obviously, you don’t mean that five days was too MUCH time spent on this model. Are you saying that five days seems like too LITTLE time for such a great build? (I’m not an expert in such things, so I don’t know if that would be true!) Or did you simply mean to say that the five days spent on the model SHOW in the quality of its construction — in which case, you mean the opposite of “belie?” Sorry to go on … I’m a librarian, and an incurable nit-picker. :-)

  2. Admonisher

    Thanks for the clarification! Not being a wizard myself, I’m coming to realize that I have no idea just how much effort goes into this stuff. I’m also realizing that the model is much larger than I thought it was on first blush. Truly impressive!

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