The best of Count Blockula: “Cover me Porkins!”

In November of 2007 Mike unleashed perhaps the greatest Star Wars creation of all time, everyone’s favorite obese X-Wing pilot and his trusty “keg-droid” sidekick B3-3R.  For my money, this this model perfectly symbolizes Mike’s inventive building style and clever sense of humor.


3 comments on “The best of Count Blockula: “Cover me Porkins!”

  1. Tromas

    Yep, hands down this is my favourite of all Mike’s builds. This thing made me laugh so hard when I first saw, and it makes me laugh every time I have seen it since!

  2. Andrew

    The other thing that became clear to me after looking over Mike’s builds is that he was the master of brick-built characters. It was rare for him to build anything in minifig-scale, but everything he built was populated with funny people and creatures.

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